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How to Become Untouchable

The high performer’s guide to faster results, authentic success, and total control over your emotional state.

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  • The 3 core requirements to become untouchable
  • How to avoid wasting another 10yrs on more unfulfilling goals.
  • How to stop being a slave to your environment and your emotions, and finally get back in the driver’s seat.
  • The #1 thing that prevents people from getting value and transformation out of their investments.
  • How to actually enjoy the process of transformation.


Sarah’s Signature Program

The most comprehensive course in reprogramming yourself, empowering your nervous system to accept and support a new reality, and redefining success so that everything you do actually moves you closer to what you really want.

UNTOUCHABLE is comprised of 6 incredible trainings and tons of epic bonuses, such as live Q&As with Sarah, guest speakers, and complimentary trainings that support the core curriculum.

Spend 6 weeks with Sarah and a private group of other amazing, development-oriented individuals, getting connected to your truth, your power and your potential.

You’ll never look at your reality the same way again.


Private Coaching PLUS

Work with Sarah 1-1 to go deeper on your most impactful coding to reprogram yourself faster than you ever thought possible.

Personalized coaching is not for the faint-of-heart; it is direct, confronting and creates lasting change at the subconscious level.

Your most detrimental ingrained programs can hide from self-help books, but not from Sarah. If a major shift is your utmost priority right now, this is your next step.

ICONIC includes 4 elite-level video trainings reserved for private clients only, and an all-areas access pass to everything else Sarah offers, including group programs and paid trainings.

Limited spots, application only.