You Are The Only Thing To Invest In

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Blog

Yesterday I dropped USD$7000 (NZD$10200) on 2 new coaches for the first couple months of 2019. Some of my friends and family struggle with how much and how easily I spend on coaching and support for myself and the answer is important so I’m going to post it.

If you don’t like the movie that’s playing, you don’t try to paint over the big fabric screen at the front of the cinema. That’s obviously not the source of the image. You have to go into the back room and change the reel on the projector.

Same with your life.

Humans are just projectors. We create a reality that supports and reinforces our identity and beliefs.

Now, my life is pretty good. I only do what I want, I travel the world permanently and the people I coach are AMAZING. I am beyond blessed to be a part of the incredible things they want to create: A social enterprise that only employs the homeless. A thousands-strong march for children’s literacy. Support and literature for people dealing with food addiction. And many more.

But there are still things I want to do/be/create. And if I want to have/be/do them, I need to BE the person that does.

Everything is energy. I don’t need to slave to get money to buy things… I already am past the hourly-rate mindset. What I need to do is embody whoever I need to be to have a life that reflects that identity. And some of those identities are a long way from where I started.

The human nervous system is wired for survival. We can’t see our own blind spots, we’re naturally risk-averse and threats to our learned identity create psychological pain and survival patterns like procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm.

For me to be as successful as I need to be to help as many people as I want to help (clients, friends, and family), I need to always be on my game. It has to be me in charge of this vehicle; not any out-of-date programming, childhood fears or bad habits.

So what are you trying to create in your life that would benefit from support? If wealth is your goal, for example, where do you know your mindset is off because even though you feel like everything you know is ‘right’, you’re still not a millionaire…?

Put it this way: If you’re living all your dreams, continue on as you were. If you’re not, it’s time for a coach. And if you don’t think your dreams are worthy of investment, GET BIGGER DREAMS.

Peace xo