You Lyin’?!

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Blog

The problem with continually saying you’re going to

  • Change this
  • Do that
  • Sort that out
  • Get onto that
  • Take up this
  • Clean that
  • Handle this
  • Get moving on that

Is that every day you don’t, is another day in the evidence bank of 

  • I can’t back myself
  • I can’t trust myself
  • I don’t follow through
  • I don’t really want to change
  • I want comfort more than progress
  • I can’t access my courage
  • I’m not ready. 


Dude. Mate. Buddy. Pal. Gurrrrrrrlll…


Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that’s the evidence bank you want to be funding? 

I know it can be difficult to push through on your dreams but programming yourself daily to know that you’re not brave or trustworthy is making it SO. MUCH. HARDER.

Do the thing you’ve been afraid of TODAY. 
Show your system it’s safe to have faith in you.


Prove to yourself that you’re worth the effort.


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Forever in your corner,